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A Word from the Owner

Hello and welcome to DOFFLE. My name is Lisa, and I am the Founder and Owner of DOFFLE Dog and here’s a little about us and the brand.

DOFFLE is the place for lovers of dogs and lovers of fashion. DOFFLE was created by Lisa and her creative daughter Reegan out of a combined passion for Stylish things and the love of their four-legged best friend, Waffle. Doffle is a cross between a Doughnut and a Waffle ( our beloved family dog) a cool combination of something sweet. Spoiling dogs and the ones that love them, we are a celebration of animals, love, style and everything in between.


Who is Waffle? 


Waffle @misswafflethecavapoo on instagram is our 7 month old Cavapoo! Reegan (Lisa’s daughter) always had a fear of dogs since she was little and Waffle really have been her therapy to overcome this and I am so pleased  to say she is no longer afraid of any dog! Waffle is a loving and energetic pup who loves to have her photo taken! She came to us at 8 weeks old as a fluffy ball of fur with big eyes and filled our lives with love and joy ever since. It was our quest to find Waffle a UNIQUE and stylish harness and matching coat that led us to establish our own brand. We also know how important your dog is to each family and want to involve other dog pawrents from the start to help us choose the final products for our launch!


Thank you for supawting DOFFLE.

Our Moto Live - Love - Woof - Doffle

Love from 

Lisa, Reegan and the star of the show Waffle.


Meet the Team
Behind every good company is a great team!
We love to share all things Doffle on our Instagram and who better to share Doffle with us than our wonderful team. They each have a special code for you to use for exclusive discounts as well as content shared on their own social media like video reviews so you can get a close up of our products!
Meet all of our friends who support us below.
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