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for pampered pets

Age -  Nearly 1

Breed - Cavapoo

Fave Food - Doughnuts

Why Doffle? - I have been the driving force behind Doffle right down to the name! Doffle being a mix between my fav food doughnuts and my name Waffle <3 I hope you come to love all my designs as much as I do. I am so happy to have all these new friends too!


Age - 3 years little 


Breed - Cavapoo


Fave Food - Chicken  or Treatos 


Why Doffle? - Doffle designs stood out straight away. I knew it was the brand I wanted to be a part of and commit to.  Lisa is supaw, she really takes on board our ideas and always asks us for our input. This company is going to go far and I can wait to showcase their products. 


Age - 6 months 

Breed - Cockapoo 


Fave Food - Duck Feet and Sweet Potato Fries 


Why Doffle? - We fell in love with the unique designs and are very supportive of new & small businesses. Archer is super proud to be the Brand Ambassador and he cannot wait to get his paws on them and start flaunting  ♥️ 


Age - 7 months

Breed - Cockapoo

Fave Food - Everything especially chicken and beef

Why Doffle? - I’ve loved doffle from the start and since going to the shoot my love for doffle has just been growing. The products are amazing and I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be an ambassador.

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