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Doffle Dog

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Age -- 2 (3 end of this month) 

Breed - Long haired miniature dachshunds  


Fave Food - cheese cheese and more cheese 🦴


Why Doffle? - 

We are so excited to be a part of doffle, the quality of the products are lovely and the designs are so original and we haven’t seen them anywhere else


Age - Milo is 7 months old and Willow is 4 months old! 

Breed - Miniature Dachshunds 🌭

Fave Food - Our favourite food has to be chicken and doggy peanut butter 🥜🤤

Why Doffle? - We are both super excited to work with Doffle Dog and support their journey into the Doggy Apparel Industry! We absolutely love their designs and their passion behind every product. We love the story behind this incredible brand and can’t wait to start working with them 🙈 We are both super excited to start wearing their products and strike a pose 📸


Age - 1 years old (birthday 1st January) 


Breed - Cavapoo


Fave Food - Cheese & sausages


Why Doffle? - I’m  excited to work with Doffle because I love suppawting small businesses & helping them achieve their goals & dreams. Plus I’m also very excited because it means I’ll get lots of treatos as Hoomum will be taking lots of photos

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Age - 15 Months old

Breed - I’m a mini Maltese that was born in Bulgaria but living in sunny Cyprus ️ 

Fav Food - Whatever lands in my plate! Love Papa’s kebab but Mama says I shouldn’t eat hooman food. Papa sneaks some under the table for me anyway. Also love all kind of treatos!

Why Doffle? - Supaw excited to be a brand rep for a small business❣️ AbsoPAWlutely woof all the Doffle designs and I cannot wait for launching❣️Also being a girly girl I woooof to wear clothes and accessories and taking a billion photos. Ok Mama loves to take a billion photos. I just love the treatos that comes wif this. I also have a feeling that my pawdrobe is about to get fuller cause Doffle’s products are pawsome❣️


Age - Pepper is 5 and Maple is 2 years young! 🐕💕

Breed -  Labrador duo from London

Fave Food - Maple is a typical greedy lab and if she could she would eat everything in sight 🙈 Pepper’s favourite food is fish...the smellier the better! We both love our Sunday roasts and enjoy nothing more than an ice cream when the sun's out.🍦🌞


Why Doffle? - We are so excited to work with Doffle to show off their unique pawsome designs and to be the most stylish doggos at the park! We can’t wait to share all these products with our fur friends and embark on this journey together.


Age - 7.5 months old

Breed - French Bulldog

Fave Food - Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel,Tuna with veggies. I love Pumpkin, Curly Kale, Cucumber and Carrot and I love steeling Mama's Banana, it so super yummy. I also love Carob Cookies.

Why Doffle? - I fell in love with Doffle when I saw their unique, stylish designs. Every Pup needs to look Doffled. Our Favourite print is the Oh my Dog and I love the Zip and Go. Doffle looks so colourful, fun and super Pawsome and I'm so proud to be part of the team and show how their products can looks pawmazing on us Tripod Pups too.


Age - We are both 4 months old

Breed - Harper  is a red Cockapoo and Nova is an apricot Cavapoo

Fave Food - Definitely chicken and peanut butter

Why Doffle? - We couldn’t be more excited to work with Doffle it’s an amazing company. We love Doffles designs they are so unique and love that all the designs can be reversible. We are counting down the date till launch we really can't wait 🤎️🤎


Age - 6 Months

Breed - Cavapoo

Fave Food - My favourite food is cheese and I do pretty much anything for it including tricks, and posing nicely for the camera.


Why Doffle? - I'm SO exited to work with the Doffle Company and support an exciting small business. Not only do the Doffle products and full range of doggy clothes and accessories look super stylish, colourful and unique, they also look so practical and easy to put on - this is something my mum is always looking to find in a doggy brand as I am a very very wriggly pup.



Age - 6 year old brother and sister

Breed - Cavapoo

Fave Food - Definitely cheese!!  And we also love it when mum and dad have steak for dinner as we always get a share.


Why Doffle? - We’re mega excited about Doffle’s products the designs are pawsome. We’ll be the smartest dogs in Norfolk!! 

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Age - 5 months

Breed - Show Cocker spaniel 


Fave Food - My fav food is pig ears but I do love a carrot as well!!


Why Doffle? - We are very excited to work with Doffle and support the new business. The products look amazing and the designs are so unique. Lisa is so passionate about her new business venture which is amazing to see and it is going to be so much fun to work with Lisa and everyone to promote and support a new business. We can’t wait to get our paws on some of the beautiful products to show off🤩


Age: 1

Breed: Pug

Favourite food: Bananas, green beans and chicken

Why Doffle: I love the uniqueness of the brand and the things you don’t see from other companies. Such as the Cuddle & Go and the designs on the harnesses. The quality of the products is amazing and everything is so stylish. I love Lisa’s passion behind the brand and can’t wait to see what else is to come from Doffle Dog.


Age - 5 Months old

Breed - Miniature dachshund cross miniature pinscher (doxiepin)


Fave Food - It’s so hard to chose my favourite food as I am a huge foodie and would eat anything if my mum let me  but I absolutely love chicken, peanut butter and banana 🥜 

Why Doffle? - I’m so excited to be supporting DoffleDog! The products look incredible and I can’t wait to be posing in my new stylish items soon  it’s going to be so much fun supporting this lovely brand and I can’t wait for launch day!


Age - 1 

Breed - Labrador

Fave Food - anything

Why Doffle? - brilliant quality, exciting innovative products


Age - 2.5

Breed - Boston Terrier

Fave Food - Pizza and Trifle, but I will happily eat anything given to me 😊

Why Doffle? - I fell in love with Doffle instantly. The designs are so unique that every item I wear makes me feel like I’m special. The passion and love behind this small business makes you want to support them even more. I can now say that I am a certified Doffle addict and always will be 💜


Age - 4 

Breed - Cavapoo

Fave Food - Very hard to choose as I love pretty much any thing 😂🙈 My favourites are chicken and bacon 🙊🐶


Why Doffle? - I’m so excited to start working with Doffle and to be part of their team! We love supporting small businesses and watching them grow! I think your accessories are supaw cute and unique which makes your business stand out and I absolutely love how you have created your business! I can’t wait to start modelling some of your accessories! ❤️

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Age - Henry is 7 months and Denzel is 3yrs

Breed - Miniature dapple dachshund and standard wire haired dachshund 

Fave Food - Carrots and chicken fillet treats 🥕


Why Doffle? - We are absolutely honoured to be working with Doffle! We knew from the get go that Doffle was going to go big and their designs are to die for. We love a matching moment and adore accessories that coordinate. We are so grateful to have worked with Doffle from the beginning and can’t wait to see all the products that they have in store. Watch this space


Age - 1


Breed - Cavachon

Fave Food - Smelly fish 🐟

Why Doffle? - We adore Doffle’s prints! So unique & pawgeous ♥️ We feel supaw lucky that we can help them launch their fantastic brand! I can't wait to model their new collection once I get my paws on them 😍😍😍


Age - Nearly 1

Breed - Dalmatian

Fave Food - Carrots

Why Doffle? - I am so so excited to be part of the Doffle team and to be able to promote these wonderful and stylish products!  Their designs are unique and fun. So much hard work and passion has been put into starting this new business and I can't wait to be strutting my stuff in Doffle soon! 


Age - 11 months (1 on the 15th July)

Breed - cavapoo

Fave Food - salmon

Why Doffle? - we struggled to find nice harnesses for male dogs. Discovered Doffle and absolutely fell in love with the Brand! Have to admit we've become obsessed we love the designs and adding to our collection! Customer service is absolutely so proud to be apart of the team


Age : 1

Breed: Patterdale Terrier

Fave Food : Cheese and Pizzles

Why Doffle? :
We so exciting to have been asked to be part of this team, we had so much fun at the pre-launch photoshoot and absolutely in love with the doffle collections. The quality is outstanding. Can't wait to see what else this amazing small business can do!


Age - 8 Months

Breed -  Cavapoochon

Favourite Food - I absolutely LOVE sardines! Even if my mum says they smell 🐟

Why Doffle? - I was lucky enough to join the Doffle team at a photo shoot and absolutely loved the quality and designs of the products! My favourite product at the moment is the cuddle and go blanket! It’s so comfy!


Age - 4

Breed - Rescued

Fave Food - fish, rabbit ears, chicken and all things treatos

Why Doffle? - I’m super excited to be a brand rep for Doffle and to support a small and growing business. Doffle is an amazing company and I fell in love with their unique designs and quality, and they post to me in Ireland! I love to show off all of their designs and have definitely become obsessed!


Age - 5 months


Breed - Miniature Schnauzers

Fave Food - Potatoes, Beef and Lamb and some delish popsicles

Why Doffle? - Doffle is a mew brand with tons of potential. The products are great and quite affordable.


Age - 3 months old

Breed - Dachshund

Fave Food - Will eat anything and everything. To hard to choose a favourite as I love it all

Why Doffle? - We are over the moon that we get to work with Doffle Dog and to be apart of their team. We love that we get to support an amazing small business. We are absolutely obsessed with Doffle Dog products they are just so unique and stylish