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January Top 3 Products All Dogs NEED

The Muddy Paws No Pull Safety Harness is Made with the Utmost thought. This harness is well made, and offers two leash attachments for ultimate control of strong-pulling dogs. When strong-pulling dogs pull on lead while wearing this harness, the front padded chest attachment redirects the dogs’ shoulders sideways. Once a dog is taught how to walk without pulling, you can attach the lead to the top harness attachment.


  • Lightweight and durable Unique Muddy paw unisex design harness made for all-day outdoor adventures and designed for easy attachment and removal. Suitable for all size dogs.

  • With 2 lead attachment points and reinforced padding at chest to resist pulling, it will give you additional control which makes this ideal for everyday walks and training.

  • Foam-padded strips provide equal load distribution and comfort.

  • Find your pawfect fit with 4 convenient points of adjustment meaning no over head is required .

  • Front secure mesh pocket to store your dog's tags, GPS trackers and fits Apps Air tag.

  • Bright and visible fabric harness with reflective trim helps your dog stand out day and night.

  • Handle on back to help secure the dog in off lead situations.

Pair it with the Doffle Dirt Free Dual Biscotti Lead & Collar.

A durable, water-proof dual lockable lead that allows you to easily change lengths. It's material allows it to bedirt and odour resistant, easy-to-clean as its made with flex-poly straps and Strong Silver hardware. Perfect for your Muddy adventures

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