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Why I Lowered the prices when everything around us is going UP.....

SO I haven't written a blog post for a while, that said I haven't been my usual social butterfly self. Yes 2023 has totally began and we are all finding the economy hard. Everything is going up, all of our our bills, outgoings and stress levels. As I see more and more small businesses close down its really sad and frightening but I totally get why. At a time of uncertainty for us all I thought what can I do to keep going. I am DOFFLE through and through but I must admit its TOUGH having a small home business and such a competitive market.

I want to keep DOFFLe alive and help out our loyal and new customers so I decided lets go crazy gut my profits and allow us to have a little luxury for our beloved dogs for less !

Every product I have lowered to what seems crazy wholesale prices.

But I want to keep DOFFLE going and still see you love DOFFLE as much as me

Thanks For supporting me Lisa & Waffle xxxxx

PS we rise by lifting us and I am thankful for every single LIKE SHARE COMMENT AND ORDER xxx

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